Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bush Brew

Well we are at it again..........more natural dyeing. Trudi Pollard and I are working together on a joint piece for the WAFTA Exhibition, I have made the felt pods and she has dyed and stitched them. They are looking fab, all I have to do now is download the pics.

These are another set of pods and vessels which will go up to Aspects Gallery in Kings Park. Trudi is the artist in focus there in September for Wildflower Month! She will be demonstrating natural dyeing and giving some talks. So we again, are working together and showing what can be done with nature.

These are half the pods and vessels which have been dyed.

As well as using a conventional dye pot, we have also used the steamer. To achieve this, we tightly bind the plant material with either silk or the felt, and let it steam away. The results which we have are fabulous....and again, I just need to download the pictures. It is truly amazing what can be created from plants and steam!

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