Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ziggy has found a wonderful place to sleep....on top of the Bungle Bungles!!! What can I say..... my cat has good taste!

This is the second piece which is going into the Earth exhibition at Mundaring Arts Centre. It is obviously the Bungle Bungles and measures around 75cm square. It is being heaving stitched with machine and hand embroidery. I promise to remove all traces of cat hair before it goes in.

Recent Purchases!

These have been some of my recent purchases. I am determined to be able to knit or crochet in wire.....even if it kills me and it might just do so! Need some help and hopefully have found it. It looks easy, but it's not! This was a little number I picked up on Etsy!

Ali Brown does some amazing fibre weaving. I was shown how to make one of her flowers, but credit was never given to her. Actually the person demonstrating let us believe that it was her design.....I won't comment any further. Hence when I found Ali's book, I had to buy it and now I drool over all the things I can make. I think it is very important to credit another artists work and also support each other. Below is the link to her book.


Before fibres became embedded in my blood stream, clay was my art of choice. I have the opportunity to start doing some clay work again and hence I am adding to my library of resource books. Gotta love Amazon!

Everyone loves a Lark book, these are a few of mine.....have 500 Ceramic Sculptures coming soon....waiting on it's release!

Now how are these for drool over fabrics. Found them at my local sewing shop and fell in love. The red fabric was a ridiculous $5 per metre on sale, can't mention the chennilled fabrics price....my husband might see it! The chennille has been created on the bias, so beautiful.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gardens, Pies & Shoes

Yesterday Kai and I went to the Garden Show held here each year. Now these are the weirdest ducks or geese....some kind of large poultry....that we have ever seen. Very friendly little critters.....love those feathers......could pluck a duck!!!
Kai fell in love with the water lillies....we bought three and hopefully this is one of them. They were simply divine.

This is our new water feature.....and Kai! It is copper jellyfish, by a local artist Lee Potter. His work is great and I have loved it for years.

Chicken pies anyone??? I intended to make a couple of pies.....28 pies later....hehehehe....just had to take a picture of them....before they got eaten.

These are my new pride and joy!!! My wonderful new shoes. The middle shoes are by El Nature Lista and are made in spain. The outside shoes are from Joseph Sibel and are made in Bulgaria. The Joseph shoes are the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. That's why there is two different colours......I couldn't stop at one pair. I have this huge wide hoof and these fit me to perfection. I must admit my specialty shoe shop....Paul Carrol and Sons.....does good by me and my favourite person.....Ann.....knows my feet like her own. She always steers me well.

Great Local Designer - Unfurl

Yesterday when I was buying my fabulous new shoes...will post pic later today, I saw some markets on across the street. Being a sucker for markets, I dragged Kai with me, dodging traffic. Now how thrilled was I, that I took the time to head across the street. Here I met Moni who has Unfurl Creations. www.unfurlcreations.com You have to go and check out her designs.

I fell in love with all her clothes and am waiting until I shed some more weight and can fit nicely into them. She does all the designs here in Perth and then has the clothes made in Northern Thailand. She is very 'green' and ethical.....she doesn't use a sweat shop, unlike some other local people do. I have great respect for what she does and there is interesting info on her website about a few other things too. Take the time and have a look!

I found it interesting that here I am doing my Bungle Bungle piece for the exhibition and here I find this beautiful skirt. The dress is my favourite though!! Love ya Moni!

Some old....some new!

I thought I would post a couple of pics of some of my weavings I have done in the past. These were probably done nearly a year ago.......and I haven't had much time to weave for a while, but it is great fun.

I am a simple weaver......basically self taught from a book, but I love to mix the colours and the textures. I think if I tried anything complicated.......I wouldn't do it. I tell everyone I can't knit (and honestly......I can't knit properly)....I have this one needle sticking inbetween my legs and am all thumbs and fingers.....but I can create something.....noticed I didn't say something 'good'! But hats are always useful now.....aren't they??

This was a friends wedding present. She lives in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, about 600km from Perth and 400km from the beach...hence the desert colours in her piece. Never got a thank you...........so don't know if she liked it..........maybe the lack of thanks was the key to my question??

The Buskers Street Festival was on, in Fremantle over the Easter long weekend. We found a great balloon artist, who made the boys a balloon wristlet and this is little Taj's. We call him 'Buggy' and he is just gorgeous. Taj has dragged "Buggy" around for days now and he is till going strong. That was a good $3 spent.

Whilst walking to Bunnings on Easter Mondy, I found these great flowers, blooming on the side of the road....and I mean literally the side of the road.....so a couple followed me home. Don't you hate it when they do that???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I awoke at 5.00am today, let the annoying cat outside and went to check my emails. For some reason my yahoo account will let me sign in and very happily tell me that I have new emails, but the screen appears blank! So I try everything, log off, turn computer off.......still a blank screen. The only other thing I can think of............is a hammer..........not overly productive!

When a decent hour of the day comes around, I will call my Mum and ask her to log onto my email at her house and see if she can pull it up. Computer gremlins.................please leave me alone, go and bother some other nice person. I have important emails, which I do actually need to read.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

MAC Exhibition Piece

Well this is the finished piece for the Mundaring Arts Centre exhibition I am involved in.

Anthony had a lot of fun taking photos, even though he protested loudly....he had a blast. The piece is entitled "Sprouted".

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Exhibition Updates

Well what a difference a few days can make. My exhibition news has now gone from one to three!!! WOO HOO!!

My piece for the combined Feltwest / CAWA exhibition at MAC is nearly finished....will hopefully finish it this week and show some pics. Since joining WAFTA (God I feel like the acronym queen) I will be in another exhibition in August at the Moores Gallery in Freo and yesterday......I sent off my application for the Melville Art Awards. So now we have 2 exhibitions in May/June and one in August.

At least I have one nearly finished! The other two are causing me to loose sleep, their ideas keep running through my head....gotta get the first one finished first!!!

Have ordered some great books lately....gotta love Amazon! Richard Woldendorp is an amazing photographer here in Perth....google him and his books....they are simply stunning aerial views!

McSweeneys Open Letters

Okay, what a totally bizzare title for a blog.....but what a great place to go.


Go and have a look at this website. I accidentally stumbled across it.......if only I remember how I did find it......there may be more wonderful gems hidden there. I have a large smile on my very tired face....and small chuckle has even escaped.

I think I need to write an open letter to our missing address book.......and possibly the phone my husband lost last October...........