Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Local Designer - Unfurl

Yesterday when I was buying my fabulous new shoes...will post pic later today, I saw some markets on across the street. Being a sucker for markets, I dragged Kai with me, dodging traffic. Now how thrilled was I, that I took the time to head across the street. Here I met Moni who has Unfurl Creations. You have to go and check out her designs.

I fell in love with all her clothes and am waiting until I shed some more weight and can fit nicely into them. She does all the designs here in Perth and then has the clothes made in Northern Thailand. She is very 'green' and ethical.....she doesn't use a sweat shop, unlike some other local people do. I have great respect for what she does and there is interesting info on her website about a few other things too. Take the time and have a look!

I found it interesting that here I am doing my Bungle Bungle piece for the exhibition and here I find this beautiful skirt. The dress is my favourite though!! Love ya Moni!

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