Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gardens, Pies & Shoes

Yesterday Kai and I went to the Garden Show held here each year. Now these are the weirdest ducks or geese....some kind of large poultry....that we have ever seen. Very friendly little those feathers......could pluck a duck!!!
Kai fell in love with the water lillies....we bought three and hopefully this is one of them. They were simply divine.

This is our new water feature.....and Kai! It is copper jellyfish, by a local artist Lee Potter. His work is great and I have loved it for years.

Chicken pies anyone??? I intended to make a couple of pies.....28 pies later....hehehehe....just had to take a picture of them....before they got eaten.

These are my new pride and joy!!! My wonderful new shoes. The middle shoes are by El Nature Lista and are made in spain. The outside shoes are from Joseph Sibel and are made in Bulgaria. The Joseph shoes are the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. That's why there is two different colours......I couldn't stop at one pair. I have this huge wide hoof and these fit me to perfection. I must admit my specialty shoe shop....Paul Carrol and Sons.....does good by me and my favourite person.....Ann.....knows my feet like her own. She always steers me well.


  1. Love the shoes, I will have to have a look next week (looking forward to a day out LOL). Those ducks look pretty groovy.

  2. These are the best shoes I think I have ever seen. Did you get them in Perth??