Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recent Purchases!

These have been some of my recent purchases. I am determined to be able to knit or crochet in wire.....even if it kills me and it might just do so! Need some help and hopefully have found it. It looks easy, but it's not! This was a little number I picked up on Etsy!

Ali Brown does some amazing fibre weaving. I was shown how to make one of her flowers, but credit was never given to her. Actually the person demonstrating let us believe that it was her design.....I won't comment any further. Hence when I found Ali's book, I had to buy it and now I drool over all the things I can make. I think it is very important to credit another artists work and also support each other. Below is the link to her book.


Before fibres became embedded in my blood stream, clay was my art of choice. I have the opportunity to start doing some clay work again and hence I am adding to my library of resource books. Gotta love Amazon!

Everyone loves a Lark book, these are a few of mine.....have 500 Ceramic Sculptures coming soon....waiting on it's release!

Now how are these for drool over fabrics. Found them at my local sewing shop and fell in love. The red fabric was a ridiculous $5 per metre on sale, can't mention the chennilled fabrics price....my husband might see it! The chennille has been created on the bias, so beautiful.

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