Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back From Geelong

A very weary little felter has arrived home from the Geelong Forum. What an amazing week, there are no words to describe it, let alone pictures. I don't think I have ever had so much fun and all I can say.......is do it! Some of the knitters were doing guerilla knitting (I know that is probably spelt incorrectly, but am too tired to care!) or grafitti knitting. You would walk around campus and find interesting things everywhere. This was the last day and the main fountain in the middle of the school......remember this is at Geelong Grammar School, one of Australia's most prestigous schools. Luckily they are used to a bunch of weird women running wild.
I made a wonderful new friend Tania Spencer, a fellow artist from WA, down in Lake Grace. Primarily Tania knits in wire and makes amazing sculptures. Two of her pieces have been at the Sculptures By The Sea, in Cottesloe and next year she will have another piece entered. We shared a dorm room and had a hoot.....so nice to make new friends.
This was Gillians little dog she made.........such a lovely piece. I became a word natzi.....what is she talking about you ask???? I am so sick and tired of people referring to my and others work as 'cute', there was a blanket ban and anyone who said that something was 'cute' when referring to anothers work.....well they got told what cute actually meant. Mind you Alice the Camel, who I made....really is cute.....it's her eyelashes!
This was a piece that the gorgeous Teresa did....just loved how she combined the flower ends with the looped bag. This was one of my favourite pieces for the week.
This is actually a photo of a photo of Sandy Elverd's work....our illustrious tutor. This was Sandy's first gig as a tutor at such a big forum and she did a wonderful job. It was great to have the freedom to do as we wished. She gave us demos on techniques and basically inspired us and let our creativity come to the front and would assist us when we got into trouble or just plain old needed help. A wonderful tutor who I would highly recommend to anyone wanted to some fibre work.
I have a feeling this is another of Gillians pieces. Everyone took to coiling so quickly, but then random stitching took over.......we had too much fun.
We were very lucky to have a couple of very experienced basket makers in our group. Wendy Golden, who will be teaching at the Grampian forum in March was there. How ironic that when I got home, I found her website written on my notepad and I had been looking at her site before I went and met her. Now that is Karma! We also had the gorgeous Lyn Dickson, another very experienced basket maker.....who along with Wendy brough along a great amount of fibre matter for us to share. Soosie Jobson and I both could bring nothing as we were travelling from interstate. All of the girls shared their stash with us, which Soosie and I were both very appreciative of. I managed to bring home some of my work, but gave some away to some of the local girls.....as quarantine back into WA is super strict and I didn't want to bring anything harmful back into WA!

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  1. Oh it sounds like you had such a glorious and inspiring time would love to see more pictures once you rest up from your adventure!!! I recently went to a Fiber Festival and bought some fabulous fiber- posted to my blog and got some great pix of Llamas!! I love Llamas- it's the eyelashes!!!!
    So sorryt hat you can't bring your work home with you!!! But I know that quarantines are important- just something that we don't really have to consider when we travel state to state in this country!!
    Have a godd rest!