Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog #1......How Exciting!!!!

After a much thought and no action, I have finally done the blogger thing!! I suppose the hardest thing about writing a blog, is not knowing if anyone else is ever going to read it. That doesn't bother me, as my rambling thoughts can run wild and free. If nothing else, this can be an online diary which one day my kids can either be ashamed of....or maybe enjoy!

I am Tanya Peters, an Australian Feltmaker who lives in Perth, Western Australia. Felt is my passion, along with all forms of textiles and fibre art. I have two little men (and one big one), who I am lucky enough to be able to raise, while my hard working husband works fly in and fly out. I am on the committee for Fetwest, which is our felting organisation here in WA.

Creating is a part of my life. I must create to feel well....it's just one of those things about me. If I am not creating art, I am cooking, rearranging the garden or teaching. I suppose we all have our callings and this just happens to be mine!

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts, so for now, so long....it's time to make the school lunches!!!


  1. I'll be the first to comment...glad you have your blog now, it is fun and it is also surprising exactly who arrives on your blog. I'll put a link on mine. Love those pods, there is something rather good and special about the "hairy" ones LOL. Got to agree with you on the create to feel well (or whole). WOW a whole weekend to yourself, sounds like heaven - tried to persuade mine to take the three to the UK when he goes on business at the end of March...just two weeks...can't think why he wouldn't LOL

  2. Welcome to blogland miss 'HOT HANDS' and so happy that I will now get to slobber over your wonderful work in the privacy of my own home !
    Congrats to you Tanya and wishing you success with your Etsy shop.