Thursday, February 26, 2009

Four days of freedom from my boys!!!!!

I thought it was only a dream....but I have awoken and it is real.....I am about to have four days of peace and quiet....with only the pets for company.

Anthony is packing the car, Kai and Taj are running around like chickens at a KFC convention and I am planning my days of nothing! Well actually that is not quite true, I have heaps of things planned, but none of them involve cleaning, cooking or settling disputes between little people.

Today sees me joining a girlfriend for lunch...actually I may kidnap her and make her come look at some art stuff...which will be torture for her...sorry Trish! Saturday may see me off doing art, Sunday is definitely art and Monday will probably be felting...or maybe dyeing of wool if I get some wonderful info to inspire me....we shall wait and see.

I shall post photos of the weekends activities (all I hear is Anthony yelling at Kai to let Taj go.....LOL....), sorry it's too funny to listen downstairs....did I mention they are driving 580km today....all the way to Hopetoun. If you listen hard, I'm sure you will hear the screams of small children and one frustrated dad!

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