Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well the therapy of being by ones self has been very good for me. I am not yet sick of my own company...which I am hoping is a good thing...but I have been very happy to catch up with friends. Have been felting...something different I know.....but it has been wonderful.

I have been inspired by Judit Pocs, since I worked with her last year. I found some of her pieces a little impractical, gorgeous, but not quite sure of the use. Her jewelry is beautiful, but the tiny little openings, didn't make a lot of sense to me.....and I like things to be useful. So....back to the story......I love the design shapes, but didn't want to do them as a resist....I know, me not do a resist!!!! Pick yourselves up, it was a first for me as well. Anyway, I wanted the super defined shapes, but no resist. So I created my own technique to solve this problem.

Have a look at the pics....I think they have turned out well.The purple and green piece was my first, followed by the brown. If any of my 'Gorgeous Girls' are reading....we can do this new technique as a workshop if you want...let me know!

Today also saw the March meeting of the 84 Group and we had Pam Grima from Harvey come and visit us. She does a lot of free form weaving and I am hoping to run a similar workshop with Catalyst later this year. A couple of pics of the pieces I did today....these have been woven with fresh flax leaves and will obviously dry brown and stiffen.


  1. they look like fun shapes to do and yes, I will put my hand up to that - I enjoy the day being in creative company as much as the stuff we do. I was wondering where the connection was with the woven plant material, it looks pretty cool.

  2. TOOOO coooool miss hot hands...and YES PLEASE pick me for this class...OH YEAH !!! these pics will have me felting funky shapes in my dreams.Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow this is awesome Love it!!!!