Monday, March 23, 2009

I finally joined WAFTA!!!!

Well I have finally gotten off my butt and joined WAFTA! I have known about it for a few years, but because of the meeting day....I didn't bother. After speaking today to the wonderfully talented and most gorgeous human being, otherwise known as Trudi Pollard, she sold me on the idea and I joined. Here I am chatting on the phone to her, bribing my kids with mini M&M's, downloading the membership form.

Trudi is one of the most open artists I have ever met. Some artists are very closed with their knowledge and are not willing to share. Not Trudi! She is a passionate woman who loves to inspire and help others learn her amazing skills. She is very into natural dyes and shibori and has just returned from the International Natural Dyeing and Shibori Symposium in France. If you ever get the chance to work with her, grab it. She regularly does workshops from her home in Bedfordale. And by chance I am now going to a workshop of hers tomorrow morning on bush basketry. It is right in line with the fibre work I am doing right now. And also a very convenient excuse to catch up also!!!

I have talked about my exhibition piece for Feltwest and finally took some pics of the early stages. My wonderful father in law made me the stand and this is my gorgeous branch and a sample pod. Haven't decided what colour the pods and leaves with be, but I am happy with the size and shape of the pod. Now I just need to get the leaves sorted.

It's hard to take a good pic, this looks sucky! It looks better in real life! Will try and keep pics up to date!

I am a bit excited, as WAFTA is having an exhibition this year also which I will be able to take part in also. It will be held in August, in the Mores Gallery in Fremantle. Apparently I can do one of two styles of pieces. Either a 3.5m x 50cm panel, which will hang from the ceiling. Or a 1m x 1m x 1m sculptural vessel for the foyer. I also spent some time talking to the sensational Louise Snook today, who very kindly has sent some workshops my way....Thanks Louise. Being President of WAFTA, I asked which piece she thinks I should do, and she said sculptural. So I've already got plans in my head of a large felt vessel, with my signature flax, but then cut apart and restitched with bush weaving. If you can envisage that.....your pretty good. I will start on some prototypes soon.....again will update with pics....halfway decent ones I hope.
The kids are alseep, the pets are fed and I am looking for some bad TV to settle in front of. Hope you all sleep (or have slept) well!

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  1. Oh thank you for the pictures!! This is going to be an amazing piece! When you siad pods, I was thinking whimpy little pods like those that we might have here in the southern US- NOw these ARE PODS!!! They are fabulous!! Tell this dim Yankee what these are- are they like squash or african clabash- are they used as vessels for holding things, when dried??
    I am getting a fabulous education from you!! Your FIL did a fabulous job on the stand!!
    Can't wait to see more!!