Saturday, March 21, 2009

Feltwest Toss-N-Tell Day

Today was our monthly toss-n-tell and it sure was a busy day. The workshop I am running next month for Feltwest got booked out today. I took in heaps of samples and my class numbers grew from the standard 10, to being happy with 12 and then up to 14.....I was being a bit generous. Will be a very busy workshop.....hopefully everyone will be patient.

I have been working on my piece for the Mundaring Arts Centre exhibition "Earth" which will be running during May and June. I am happy with the progress....need to take some pics....and it should be finished well before the hand in date.....(I hope!!!). I have felted around a stunning scultpural branch...collected on the Cervantes weekend.....and my wonderful father in law has made me a stand with a metal pole for it to all be assembled with. I am now felting pods and leaves, which will be hanging off it.

I am also planning on doing a wall hanging, which I am hoping I will be allowed to submit.....we technically can only enter one item....depends on how many people put things in and the size of the work. I am going to try my luck anyway. The wall hanging will be of the Bungle Bungles and I am planning to heavily machine stitch it. Gotta make it first though.

I have also been practicing what I preach.......I have been sampling leaves and pods for my exhibition piece. Such a great thing to do, as I am still not happy after 5 leaves! My mistake was I drew a leaf from my no no.....get a leaf....look what it really looks like....then make a sample. My poor leaves were too European....not Aussie bush enough. I have learnt from my mistake though. Pod number 1 was a great success.....but only a now I need to make my exhibition pods.

Tomorrow I am off to the Canning Arts Centre where I will be demoing all day long....oh my GOD!!!! Or at least for part of the day. They want me to run felting workshops and it is their annual Gala Day. I will put my happy face on and little do they know it, but I will be making my pods and leaves....gotta love a girl who can make something useful!


  1. It was so nice to meet you today. Just love those organic pieces.You have inspired me to felt/stitch again

  2. All of these glorious words and descriptions! Now I have fantastical images in my head and can't wait to see the pictures!! I love the way you think and incorporate a brand and other organics in your work. I would love to see and hear how you do this! i have just gotten some fabulous curly willow with all sorts of wonderful twists and turns!! I would love to be able to share some with you but I can't mail it to OZ!! :(
    I do so wisht aht I could take one of your workshops!!!