Sunday, March 22, 2009

Successful Day!

Wow, what a busy day. Firstly Kai wasn't too well and then in between demo's, I was puking behind my car at Canning Arts Group. We are not an overly healthy family right now...Taj has been sharing his germs with us.

I met some amazing people today, everyone super friendly, keen and interested. Luckily we had beautiful weather and my little friend Kai, decided he needed his mum and stayed with me. My super friend Jenny Abbott was set up next to me, also doing demo's, so I had someone to chat too....not that got much chance to chat!

Have been writing notes for my next workshop and am going to email my 'gorgeous girls' (you know who you are) about doing another workhop with me...if they are interested. I am off for some well deserved TV time now. Anthony has flown out to Melbourne for the week, so I am flying solo yet again!

1 comment:

  1. Oh to be donig demos and having to be cheerful and chtty with people when you are sick!! YUCK!! You are a real trooper! I want to take a workshop with you!!!! You MUST POST PIX!!