Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 Little Campers

We headed for the hills this weekend with our good friends, Kim, Lindsay and Bridget. They have a property in York (about an hour out of Perth) and we went rough camping. I for some strange reason, thought that the 'shed' Kim talks about was half built.....that meant a metal frame. And because it was just metal frame, that meant that the electricity and running water I expected to be there.....wasn't!!! To Kim's defense, she did tell me 3 times that there was nothing there.....I obviously just had selective hearing that day!

We had a blast and the kids had more fun than us. Stalking sheep, catching yabbies, collecting sheep skulls and of course, peeing in the bush! Luckily boys pee easier than girls, so my boys were good! The wind kicked in at dusk and we thought we would get blown away. We packed up early this morning as it looked like rain and the wind was really bad.....but what a great time we had.

This is a pic of Kai, Bridget and Taj on their favourite granite boulder. Trying to get three kids to all look in one direction, let alone obviously a job left for a more patient soul!

One thing I did collect whilst I was there, was a huge bag of meadow grass. Don't know it's real name, but we call it meadow grass or meadow hay! I should be stocked for fibre for a while and when I run out, I know who to go to!!

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