Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cervantes was a hit.....

This is my boys at the Pinnacles. We all had a great time, except Taj is a ratbag and this is the only time you can see him with a hat and shoes on. The little explorer thought it was better to rough it and threw everything away. If we would of let him go naked....I'm sure he would of.

Kai was a very happy little fisherman and caught a Trumpet Fish...whatever that is. It was rather pretty and we did let him go...much to his Poppy's disgust, telling us that it would of been a good eating fish and a good size. We on the other hand just like to catch and release.
I collected some dune grass from Ledge Point and made a small vessel, which was fun. My friends girls, thought I was very clever....I liked the praise. Need to go and do some into some hand stitching right now...have done a bit on my rug and will take a pic and put it on.

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  1. These are wonderful pictures of your guys!! Boys willb e boys and it looks like you are int he thick of it!! What fun!! i would love to see the sea grass vessel that you created!! YOU ARE very clever!! And inpirational. those little girls will not soon forget what you showed them- who knows they may grow up to be fiber artists all because of you!!
    Art On!!