Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trudi Pollard & Minnawarra House

Little Taj in the bath on Sunday night....he was just too cute not to put in!!!

I had the most wonderful day today and just need to share it. I visited with Trudi Pollard who was workshopping at Minnawarra House today. We did some bush basketry and I met the most wonderful group of people. It feels like home there....a great place to do some good work I think! Hopefully I will be doing some workshops there for them in the near future.

There is something so wonderful, in the way that people can sit and share time, doing something that they all love. I haven't known Trudi for that long, but she feels like someone you have known your entire life...someone you can be at ease around and not have any walls to guard you. I feel very blessed to have people like this in my life...my wonderful friends Elaine and Jenny are the same.

What a great day!

And to top it all off....little Taj is starting to toilet train himself. I won't describe what was going on in our backyard....I shall leave that up to ones imagination!!!

Elizabeth, thank you so much for your wonderful comments, I do so enjoy them!

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  1. What a cutie pie!! Every Mother must have her file of baby bathtub pictures!! What else will we bring out when that first serious girlfriend is brought around??? LOL!! Taj has the same coloring as my guys did when they were little! Could just eat them up!!
    this pic brought back some wonderful memories!! Thank you!!