Wednesday, April 28, 2010

House Bound!

After arriving hom from Ballarat, I had to go and have surgery on my foot. I had this horrible cyst, called a 'ganglion'. I named it Rottnest, as it was a similar shape and size. My surgeon had never seen one soooo big before.

Going in for day surgery, I arrive home a few days later. I had really poor oxygen levels and they wouldn't let me leave. My source of entertainment, was the old Italian lady in the room with me. It amazed me how good her english could be for one doctor and then for another, she could barely speak english. This amused me immensely, as I found it a game to pick which doctors she liked and disliked.

I have never heard such an interesting array of noises come out of one person. If the snoring wasn't bad enough, I was unaware of how loud, often and continuously, one can fart in their sleep. If only I had a recording device with me. She was a lovely lady and in very poor health, but she did provide me with some much needed smiles.

So now I sit at home, with my foot resting upon 3 pillows. Pain killers are wonderful inventions, unless your 20kg, 3 year old child, jumps on your foot. I think I taught him a new word or two.

I am bored, unmotivated and wait paitently for Ellen to come on at midday! Oh joy!

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