Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bound for Ballarat

Tomorrow I am spending Easter Sunday, travelling to Melbourne and then through to Ballarat. It's fibre forum time again (must be school holidays) and this time I will be attending Dorothy Caldwell from Canada. I am told she is amazing and she has travelled to Australia many times teaching. The workshop is called, Mark Making : A Book. Your guess is as good as mine!

It shall be nice to be just me, not a mum, wife, friend in need or neighbour trying to escape the clutches of a talk-a-holic......yes there is a story in there somewhere.

I am happy to report that Tango (weiro #4) has safely made about 3 weeks now......and his new buddy Peppy, is coming up for two weeks. I think we have this situation sorted now. Will take a pic of my boys when I come home......I hope they will still be here!

Have a wonderful Easter and may the bunny be generous.....if he isn't, I hear rabbit stew is good!!

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