Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life, Death, More Death and More Life

We have had quite a bit going on in our home of late. Firstly Rocko, our beautiful weero entered our house, with much love. Then Monty (the husky) ate Rocko. Very sad indeed, especially since he did it in front of my boys. One of the boys left the door open and Monty ever being the opportunist....made his move. So at the end of day one of Uni, I had two very sad and tearful little boys, who where hatching revenge plots against the dog.

Rocko lived with us for a week and a half.

Rocko 2, came to our house, again with much love and joy. Today while I was at a workshop, my husband had let the boys have Rocko out of the cage and again......the door was left open and Rocko was eaten by Monty. I will defend myself, by saying, that the door man was coming on Friday to put auto closers on the sliding door, but got delayed and will be here on Monday.

I am no happy. I won't say what words were said (or should I say screamed) at my husband, as they are not G rated.

I was so sad, angry, pissed off, ready to throttle the first person to get in my way. I said I wanted the dog gone.....and meant it at the time....still thinking about it.

Anyway, Rex Ray has entered our home and is the last weero. If he gets eaten, then no more birds and I guarantee the dog will either be destroyed or sent to the Husky Rescue people. Rex Ray is one of my favourite artists and I though that a new name was needed for my new friend.

Wish us luck. May the force be with Rex!

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  1. RIP Rocko....Hi Tanya, Marie sent me to visit your blog. It's very nice to meet you. I'll be back soon
    Cheers Sue