Monday, May 11, 2009

Castaway Sculptures

For Mothers Day, my family took me down to see the Castaways Sculptures. This is an annual sculptural competition held on the beach at Rockingham. All the sculptures are made from recycled materials. (Or I should say....a component of each sculpture is made from recycled materials.) These were some of my favourites. The merecats were my fav......and strangely enough, the artist is a friend of mine, but didn't know that until after I saw them.

One of the funniest things we saw all day, was real seagulls coming and joining their rather 'still' friends on the sculpture. If the little brats didn't keep scaring them away.....I would of had a great picture.


  1. I like the castaway sculptures. Near where i live, in Emeryville, people used to put similar sculptures in the water - they were shown in the film Harold and Maude. No longer allowed because of liability issues, or something. And the hat faces are very amusing. A blogger friend is starting a stitching project, I may send her your way to look at your bungles.

  2. love the merecats too. Are they ceramic?