Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cosy Workshop

Today we had one of our Feltwest workshops, which was Cosies and Hats, with Sue Eslick. Hats and cosies are both made using the resist felting technique. Sue is the Cosy Queen and has perfected them beautifully. She also very generously shared all her patterns, which we all appreciated a great deal.

Two of these hats were made at a workshop with Judit Pocs, an amazing felter from Hungary, who has largely influenced many of us here in the west. The green hat is one which Sue has made for our Earth exhibition at Mundaring Arts Centre.

These are Sues coffee cosies, as every good coffee pot deserves some dressing up as well.

Sue does these rather weird, but strangely appealing little guys. Not quite sure if we should call them cosies or hats....or something weird that crawled out of the cupboard!!! One thing which you will either love or find the fact that their eyes are semi attached....they can come partially out of the head!

These are the traditional tea cosies which Sue creates. She has a lovely technique and uses both prefelts and fabrics in her designs. I think the dragonfly is my favourite, with it's wings being made of silk tissue. Very pretty indeed. Below is the link to Sues blog for more inspirational work.


  1. What inspiration and luciousness!!! You must have had too much fun, thanks soooo much for sharing this with us!! I love how the handles are integrated into the body and then sprout from it!! TOOO COOL!!

  2. Thanks for the great rap Tanya. Love your blog. I want to find out how to make those baskets and urchins one day.