Monday, May 11, 2009

General Update

I have been busier than a one legged man at a hopping contest! My entry for the Melville Art Awards is due in about a I started on the weekend. I was always one of those students at Uni, who started their assignments, a day or two before being due. I work well under pressure. I thought I needed a good start though and have the base of the felt and fibre sculpture completed. Now, comes all the stitching of fibre......will take some time.

Mondays I am now doing a porcelain jewellry workshop, Tuesdays sees me doing shibori, Wednesdays I'm trying to do some business work, Thursdays teaching felting, Fridays cleaning before Anthony comes home and weekends are usually art. I haven't stopped in about 2 weeks and am a bit tired, but loving every minute of what I do. Hence if I have promised something and not're not the only one!

I have to still post some pics of my fabulous hat I made with Sue Eslick...sorry Sue will get onto it...promised her pics! Everyone who sees it wants to make one!

A friend Sue Espie and I are going to be doing the Oxford Street Markets in June, July and August. They are being held on the last Saturday of each month, on Oxford St...will give the correct address when I find it. If you're around, come on by and say hello.

It's 5.48am and the kids are still asleep....thank god.......better go and start some work!

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