Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well 'Bungled' is finally finished and ready to go the Mundaring Arts Centre. I didn't realise how sore ones fingers can get, if you are not a hardened hand stitcher. I shouldn't was only 2 fingers.....but it did hurt!

We have had a sad couple of days at our house...we think our beloved Yoda (gorgeous torty girl, 12 years old), has gone to kitty heaven. We haven't seen her for days, which is not like her at all....she loves her food and pats and loves too much to miss out. My friends cat ran away to die and sadly we believe this is what our Yoda has done too. I had her for 12 wonderful years, longer than my husband. Actually Anthony had seen Yoda before he even met me. For months he caught the shift bus to work, which happened to be across the road from my house. He would always see Yoda sitting in the window, watching the world go past. I miss her terribly and wished that we had a special place in our garden to lay her to rest....instead we have special memories in our hearts.

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