Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brotherly Love and Lost Teeth

I do love my boys when they are loving each other. Taj has learnt that if he sits nicely for a photo, he will get to see the picture on the camera. What did parents do to make their kids sit still, before digital cameras? The highlight of our day yesterday (18th Feb 2010), was when Kai lost his first tooth......or should I say teeth. He lost not one, but two, at school of course and not at the same time. He is so proud and has just run downstairs to check and see if the tooth fairy has left him some money! He has just come back with 2 $2 coins. He agrees that he must of looked after his teeth very well, to get $2 for each tooth. My baby is growing up!

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  1. lost all my fav blogs in a computer HDD crash and am glad I found you again (though I probably could have phoned). Hope all is well - albeit toothless for some - in your household. It would be great to do a catchup

    xx Evelyn