Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Laptop

This is my new little blue Acer laptop! She is just beautiful and I am actually managing to handle her quite well. I must admit she has no programmes on her, so that is probably why! All I have been able to do is change the background, as I need to load programmes and what I want to load, looks like it wants me to be online for that to happen. So now I sit patiently and wait until my husband comes back from his shutdown. I also wipe off my sons footprints, as he walked across the computer when he was looking for a straw on the breakfast bar.....yes I was upstairs at the time! They were perfect little footprints...could of nailed him is I was a CSI.
Now one thing I hate and despise about laptops, is that stupid little area where you are supposed to wiggle your finger to make the arrow scroll around......a major reason I was never interested in a laptop. Check out my funky little wireless mouse.
The wonderful thing about this mouse, is how it folds up when you aren't using it. This turns it off and makes it a hell of a lot easier to transport around. The boys are loving it and keep stealing the mouse! Have had a very threatening conversation with them, and hopefully it will stay put.....or I will have to start setting 'mouse traps'.....sorry that's a shocking pun!

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