Monday, February 8, 2010

Indigo, Rust and Tannin......oh my!

Flipping through folders labelled "Kai's Birthday", I came across some dyed felt that I did at the end of last year with my good mate Trudi Pollard. We had an Indigo and Rust and Tannin day up at her house and I was keen to experiment with my felt. The pic below has been thrown into every dye pot we had except the indigo.
This is a piece of nuno (merino and muslin) which had been stiched (shibori) and then placed in the rust bath. I am not overly keen with the texture of the felt once it has been through the rusting process.....a bit harsh for my liking....but something nice to stitch into now!

This piece of cotton, went through the rust and tannin and didn't thrill me, so we rolled it up and threw it into the indigo. A nice combination of colours and textural effects. I gave this one to Trudi, as I didn't know what I would do with it and have toooooo much stuff laying around the studio.
A piece of satin, which was the first time I had put satin in the indigo. This is after all the rinsing and you can see the colour difference between the section that came into direct contact with the indigo. The colour before rinsing was so intense, and I was rather sad when I saw how much colour came out. Again, it is important to learn your fabrics, man made versus natural.

This was my favourite part of our dyeing. I had various white felt, some just felt, some nuno with silk, some with muslin. It was fascinating seeing he outcome. The colours were lovely and intense, but the felt very clearly took on a side. By this I mean, one side of the felt looked as it does below....whilst the other side (which you would expect to look very similar) looked very different. It was nearly all blue from the indigo. I can't explain it and quite frankly, have no idea what is going on.......but it was the same for every sample.

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