Saturday, February 13, 2010

My brain feels like scrambled eggs!

My brain feels like scrambled eggs.......all mixed up with forgein elements and thrown into a hot pan!

I have been felting like a maniac, getting ready for the big sculpture walk. Surprisingly, the rigorous felting regime has not taken it's toll on my body yet!!! (She says with caution) I did go and have a massage yesterday and have learnt that I can do shoulder and back massages, but should not let, very strong little asian women, anywhere near my neck.....I am very delicate!

I have had to send in some photos for the sculpture walk and I must say, photographing felted sculptures, they move around in the breeze and seeminly have a mind of their not the easiest thing to do. For me, finding a suitable background is the hardest thing, so my fence is the easiest thing I can find. I would ideally like a bush setting, with the pods suspended from a tree, but the logistical process of that, just for a couple of get my drift. So these are the front runners. The above pic is my this hour of the day......I hope it's the one they use. The main pod was the first of my series and honestly, probably one of the best pieces of felt I have made.

So far I have made 15 pods and am expecting to make........a revised number......of about 40 pods. Luckily I still have about 3 weeks up my sleeve. I find that making 5 a day is good, but remember that making 5 will take me around 7-8 hours......and that is if the little people in my life are not around. Try throwing in bickering, food prep and clean up, bathing, resolving life altering disputes "he took my lego".............that is pretty much an entire day.
Felting anyone??????


  1. Wow - your pods are just gorgeous and amazing.

  2. beautiful pods Tanya, I need to get my stuff out and play again (but without a/c I might wait till it is cooler)