Monday, February 8, 2010

My first major public exhibition!

I am about to take part in my first MAJOR public exhibition.

I have been accepted as one of the artists in the City of Melville Sculpture Walk 2010!

I wasn't going to apply, but was persuaded to, and in! I been busily felting away and am planning on having a larger number (20-30) medium sized pods, hanging from one tree. I am planning on the same size and shape, just different colours.

I have madly been trying to upload the invite, but think I need someone a bit more geeky than me to do this. Have some pods drying downstairs and will take a pic soon.

So if you live in or near Perth and have nothing planned on the 12th of March, circle the date in your diaries and calendars........and come on down and have some great food and wine........and maybe even look at some sculptures.

1 comment:

  1. So happy and excited for you my dear gal... I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing work this year...and keen to fly the Tanya flag.
    Kudos to you