Monday, February 8, 2010

Taj.......I want to look like white bear!

This is my new frangipani 'Lipstick'. It is a new flower out this year and is just gorgeous.......and it smells pretty damn good too. Yoda has survived a lot, being hit by cars, moving house too many times to remember, being invaded by puppies, kittens, budgies and fish, and her last challenge of loosing a leg. But I do think her biggest challenge is TAJ! That little fellow of mine just loves her. This is her after the great orange sticker challenge. She has managed to pull the stickers off which were placed inbetween her eyes and directly on the end of her nose. She was covered in them, but just laid so still and placidly, whilst my monster plastered her, very gently, in the orange stickers!
Ziggy on the other hand, has learnt to run from Taj, that is after he has bitten or scratched him. This is Ziggy tonight, as I am trying to take a picture of my latest stitching......he truly is my studio cat.
And this is the monster in question!!! Taj on Saturday! He loves to pick the frang flowers and I put one behind my ear. Little did I know what I started. Kai's beloved 'White Bear', was sitting out the front with us and had one flower placed inside his ear. (Kai used to chew his bear's ears when he was little and they are vey 'holey') White Bear ended up with about 3 flowers in each ear, I had to have one behind each ear and of course the master of the universe had to as well. If only you could hear the screams of 'my flower fell out'. I could just hear the neighbours dialing real estate agents. Of course the following line was "I want to look like White Bear".

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