Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Exciting New Finds

Oh what a wonderful day!!! Today I have found 2 magazines which are new to me. The first is Inside Out. A wonderful design mag, with the sub title 'Inspiring Homes With Heart'. Well the editors have my sort of design style and I have found amazing little things in here to inspire me. at only $7.95, this is an affordable and great mag to check out. It comes every two months, this is the latest March/April issue. My favourite of the two new mags is this one, 'Dubo feather, pass it on'. My local newsagent doesn't stock it, so I will probably just do a scubscription, which is about $40 for 4 issues for the year. This publication is more book-like than mag. Superb quality printing (& paper stock) made me think it was English or European...but no, it is Aussie. I would highly recommend a look at this if you can find it.
My favourite, non magazine for the day. This is just the funkiest little guy I have seen for a while. Michele Eastwood found him (or is that her) down in Albany and I am in wraptures over this fellow!!!
My amazing Etsy find, Megumi has two online shops (Etsy and Ebay). Follow the link!

I had everyone who saw this book today, drooling like a baby and I have to admit, I was right in there with them. This book is soooo fabulous, I will take some pics from the inside to show later. The only downfall is that it is in Japanese, but Fiona who I met today has a friend who runs the Japanese School here in Perth......handy contacts. There is a follow up book to this....on my wish list. This book contains all the patterns and is too delish.
Three other books, which I ordered from Megumi. If you ever search 'japanese sewing patterns' on Etsy you will find the most wonderful stuff!! Now all of these books ranged from $18 through to about $25. A very affordable purchase, especially when you know how much a sewing pattern will set you back!!!
I am so seriously in a dress phase of my life.....I want to live in them and probably have enough now that I could for a couple of weeks. That doesn't seem to be stopping me making more though!!!
Today has been a very good day!

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