Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Typical Sunday Late Afternoon

At 5.39pm yesterday, I stopped to think how lucky I am.

I am standing in front of the stove, cooking chicken noodle stirfry for dinner, and here was Taj, plastering his hair with hair gel, looking so proud of himself (he smelt great) Kai sitting, staring at our latest edition to the house, Rocko the 'Rock Star' weero and me up to my armpits in sweet and sour sauce, with my Oscar (my white maltese) hard up against my heels, so if I move not only do I go down, but so does dinner.

It was so nice to able to stop amongst the chaos and see the happiness and joy in our house....not to mention the dirt. I am very lucky to have such great kids and a lovely place to live.

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