Thursday, February 25, 2010

Garden Surprises......

When I was watering the garden yesterday afternoon, to my surprise, these beautiful little flowers were staring at me. They came from my mum and I can't remember their name, but they were such a lovely surprise to see. Mango anyone!!! These are just a couple of fruit on our wonderful tree, grown by seed by my dad. We are having a good season, still to eat one, but I think we are up to about 12 on the tree. Our best crop ever. Anthony has rigged up his own special slow drip water system. I just refill the jerry can every couple of days.
Our pumpkins and bananas have gone a bit wild. The bananas have another big hand on them, but the pumpkins have gone out of control....think they came up by themselves....not sure...but they are definitely healthy!
One of my gorgeous frangipani's, this was a Qld import....all legal....had to have them sprayed and everything....just love them.
A sculpture that my husband bought me one year for my birthday. He has a lovely girlfriend to his right.

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