Thursday, February 18, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things.....

Now I do hope you are singing this posts your inner Julie Andrews!

I just loved this platter I found today. I already have the bowls to match........and possibly have already bought this.....or was it the large bowl......I actually haven't unwrapped the others and I did buy them a couple of months ago....was hiding them from the hubby. Oops! Hey it was on sale for $10!
The most amazing husband in the world, has let me have my 40th birthday present early this year.....not until July!!! I came home grovelling and he didn't even put up a fight, just told me to 'go and get it'. If only all purchases were this easy. So now I am in love with this amazing new toy. My gear is looking pretty damn professional now!
This is a fabulous original 1930's sewing box I found at a little antique store. It was filled with all kinds of treasures from over the past 50 odd years. Amazing old sales dockets from the 50's, Sheffield scissors (that Rosie very kindly sharpened for me.....she rocks), a gorgeous old apron, buttons and anything else you can think of. I gave most of it away, only keeping the scissors and the apron. I didn't think I would use the other things, so I passed them on to those who would love and care for them....not to mention use them.

This is my new calligaphy brush holder....have wanted one for ages and finally found them on ebay. Am very happy, this one is about 40cm tall, so it holds pretty long brushes.

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