Monday, February 8, 2010

The trouble with depression.......

The trouble with depression is the changes you have in personality, without any control of it. I have never been the most diligent of bloggers, but a five month absence and then a flood in one day, may seem a little to strange to those who don't know me well.

When my depression is out of whack.....I close of to the world and isolate myself. This is one of the first signs of depression and one I know very well in myself. I have been sitting back, reading blogs, thinking to myself ' I have to get going again'........yet nothing happens for months. Then I blog and feel great.

Sometimes the hardest thing to simply to start. Once you start, you don't know what all the trouble was about. I do that a lot......I mean a lot. I think to myself 'all you have to do is create and you will feel good......just do it'. But then I do nothing and feel even worse.

So if you see a may understand why. I'm still here!


  1. oh how I sooooo relate to this post tanya...and think many of us are nodding...understanding the depth of these words.My day at a time. Hug to you and hope to see you's been tooooo long.

  2. Hi Tanya, just found you by wandering the internet - I have admired your pods, they are beautifull coloured and exhibit. Although I'am not familiar with depression I know the feeling if I can't create. You're so right, just start and new things will happen. Hope you're ok right now.